.We feel happy to invite you to take a minute to have a look at our history.

.Founded in 2001, Sanyuan has been highly concentrated in pinenut products. We used to be a small rented-unit. Today the company has developed a reliable and highly competitive source of quality pinenut. We distribute the pinenut worldwide, Europe, USA, Australia, Asian South, Mideast.

.Pinenut factory is located in North East of China. The facilities are accredited with HACCP and ISO standards. Products are processed under strict program of food safety. This program assures the consistence of the products size, moisture control, physical properties, foreign matter.

.Organic pinenut and pumpkin are also in your range. Please dont miss it.


.Sanyuan has established a mature purchasing network located as close as possible to the sources.

.Direct source, flexible productions help you reduce the logistic costs. Our Pinenuts are processed by strictly controlled systems with high performance equipments.

.We are fully dedicated to provide our clients with consistent and high quality at competitive prices.

.Furthermore, we would like to continue enhancing our capacities to suit growing needs for various food products.

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